Welcome to Sustainable Vets 

A few years ago we were asked to provide an alternative option to animal veterinary solutions for Dargaville by the community. So we did.
We provide solutions that are, simply put, sustainable - sustainable to the pocket, the environment and to the animal. It is also about providing to our community a service they desire with the commitment and attitude to match.
November 2017 saw the birth of Sustainable Vets for the large animal field and in January 2019 the clinic the small animal clinic got underway.
All our products are out to offer solutions that we believe are a great match for our clients. We have brands you know and those you don't but the team will guide you to the best solutions for your loved pet or farm animal supplies.
We have two vets at the ready supported by Dee and Odette waiting to assist you.
So call us to book an appointment
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